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GB TV: The Truth Lives Here – HOA Petty Tyrants in Parker County

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Question:  Should petty tyrants who cause distress by imposing their will on others using psychological pressure and other forms of intimidation rather than physical force be considered psychological terrorists? 

From the Glenn Beck Show: Trouble in Texas

Some of the residents in the Remuda Ranch Home Owners Association say they are afraid to speak openly about the manner in which some on the HOA board threaten residents and that residents who have expressed opposition to the will of board members have been sued and or had their property vandalized.

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A bit better, need to see more issues addressed.

Parker County Blog, Posted by Erick Erickson, Monday, November 7th 2011 –

The Perry campaign wants to reboot, having retooled and refined its message and tried hard to get back on the jobs message.

Okay, fine, but first the Perry camp needs to answer a basic question – why should supporters who went all in for him and wound up feeling burned give him a second shot?  I asked him about that and it was, perhaps, a good sign that he stayed on the jobs message.

The jobs message, though, raises a question about his flat tax – won’t it just help the rich?  Also, what about President Obama’s approach and his hostility to jobs and economic reform.

I got into all those with Governor Perry last Wednesday in Orange County, CA.  Perry also previewed a new line he’s using with credit to Jim DeMint – “Are you better off than…

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