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Judge sentences veteran to 24 hours in jail, then joins him behind bars

The judge knew Sgt. Joseph Serna had been through a lot. The former Special Forces soldier did four combat tours in Afghanistan over a nearly two-decades-long career with the U.S. Army. Serna has appeared before the judge dozens of times and confessed that he lied about a recent urine test. The judge sentenced Serna to one day in jail, then drove Serna to the jail in a neighboring county.

Source: Judge sentences veteran to 24 hours in jail, then joins him behind bars

Texas Drowning In School Bond Debt, $75B Before Interest

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Texas law makers often deserve our criticism, but we have only ourselves to blame for the enormous school bond debt we continue to heap upon ourselves. How far into the future must we look to see relief this unconscionable trend that has become even worse since the printing of this article?

Supporters of this outrage will tell you, “It’s for the kids”. What is actually “for the kids” – is a brutal slave master called debt!

See the following Breitbart article:


From, byMerrill Hope17 Nov 2014 –

Already on the hook for $65 billion in outstanding school bond debt approved and issued between 2007-2013, Texans voted in more mega-school bond debt statewide in 2014 that will pile nearly $10 billion more onto the statewide property tax payer tab. For public school debt alone, Texans will owe almost $75 billion — before interest.

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Billions in New Bonds Should Not Escape Voter Approval

All projects with costs going multigenerational should be voter approved period. If the costs effect more than the current generation it is long term.

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Although written about California, I think this article may interest you if you are a taxpayer. Should we learn from their mistakes…or repeat them?

I encourage you to read California’s Proposition 13.


By Jon Coupal
President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Howard Jarvis

Billions in New Bonds Should Not Escape Voter Approval

Former Speaker Willie Brown once said, “In the world of civic projects, the first budget is really just a down payment.” The strategy, he noted, was to start construction of a project quickly so it would be hard to stop once people learned of the real cost which, in many cases, could be many multiples of the initial price represented to citizens.

Constant cost overruns and a lack of accountability plague California’s infrastructure projects. Politicians casually throw “millions” and “billions” around like a game of monopoly, leaving hard-working families and future generations to pay the debt they so flippantly…

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