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DOJ regards criticism of Islam, Obama as criminal?

No surprises here.

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U.S. attorney who vowed to punish anti-Muslim rhetoric also prosecuted ‘birther’
From, by Jerome R.  Corsi, 06/11/13 – obama_bite_lip-340x161The U.S. attorney who warned last week that “inflammatory speech” against  Islam could violate civil-rights laws was the prosecutor who brought firearms charges against a Navy veteran who challenged the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate.

William Killian, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, made  the warning in a slide presentation June 4 in Manchester, Tenn.

The Navy veteran, Darren Huff, came on the federal government’s radar in 2010  when he and another Navy veteran living in Tennessee, Walt Fitzpatrick, filed  civil actions in court charging President Obama with treason.

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AP Takes Blow-Torch to Obama Presidency

This writer gives the current President more trust than I do.

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From FoxNews, By LIZ SIDOTI, The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — As a candidate, Barack Obama vowed to bring a different,  better kind of leadership to the dysfunctional capital. He’d make government  more efficient, accountable and transparent. He’d rise above the “small-ball”  nature of doing business. And he’d work with Republicans to break Washington  paralysis.

You can trust me, Obama said back in 2008. And — for a while, at least — a  good piece of the country did.

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