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All I can say is the writer seems to be the one crying like a child. I went to school with this Mayor and believe he is in sink with the standards Weatherford Residents expect of their Mayor. In this writing all I see is idle speculation and I grow weary of these kind of unfounded accusations. If there is proof he is doing anything illegal then put it out their. This forum is about free speech, but I implore all writers and commentators stop with the insulting language the insult usually winds up on your own face. Cite facts not fantasy. Annexation is the legal by definition for city’s to incorporate needed growing areas for both good and bad reasons, it is not always necessary to shoot the messenger. Say you don’t support it and why and stop attacking government officials for a standard long ago set. If you don’t like the standard then propose and lobby for a change.

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C.H. Johnson comments on:

First – Weatherford City Council’s ’09 Westward Annexation Attempt, then Brock, and now Zion Hill –


Swancy-200.jpgDo we think the mayor is showing his true colors? He apparently has so little regard for the citizens of Weatherford that he insults them, from the dais, in a city council meeting. His petulant comments are like a child that is afraid of not getting his way. The mayor obviously thinks the citizens are idiots, incapable of making their own decisions. He definitely “drank the Koolaid” when elected Mayor and is now convinced the citizens can’t possibly know what’s good for them.

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