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  1. Hey,Jack I found it funny and interesting watching Rick Perry run away from questions about attending the debate tomorrow and running from the forum ,his response was he had to get back to Texas to over see ,the wild fires but that’s funny since the state pays people to do that job who are really on the front line.

    He will have too at some point show up at one of those debates and when he does his running for president days are numbered.

    While I’m an independent voter I think they all should be replaced, career political people pretty much all stink.

    But it’s another day of Sun shine so enjoy it smile….


    • Thanks Will, I certainly do agree that change is needed throughout the Political Landscape and can support that if the candidate can sell me that he knows what he is doing and has a plan to do it. Not hearing too much of that from anyone and I still see a lot of evading the questions on all sides.

      Doug just bought new boat for fishing trips she looks good for what is needed to catch fish, looking forward to the first trip. Hope you are making headway with medical and things will start getting better for you.


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