Thoughts from the Ranch.



 Yes in anticipation of a cold winter approaching thought I would share this picture from Yesteryear.

     Are you weary of the drama this year from all political brinkmanship in Washington DC. I too would 

like to forget it all and walk away, but we just can’t do that.  Why you ask?  Our children deserve more

of us than turning away and sticking our head in the sand.  Whether your personally have children

or not, you have a stake in how those children are going to view your generation when you are too old

to control your own destiny.

     The thing that burns strongest on my mind today is how quickly the party of my choice Republicans

have completely, forgotten and abandoned, the party platform they signed on for in this last election.  I

am talking almost completely. Economy: out the door, Budget: out the door, Jobs: out the door, Obama

Care: Kneel down to Obama and fund it (House Republicans and House Majority Leader(Joke) that is all

on you except 4-5 notable exceptions you have failed those who put you in office, WHY because you 

really are RINO’s. Reagan did not abandon his party’s platform he lived it and made it his legacy. The vast 

majority of the Republicans in this Congress have abandoned ship like the rats they resemble. The Senate 

is just as full if not more so than the House, of true traitors to the platform. Yes, they don’t hold a majority,

but way too many of them starting with turncoat Senator John McCain and his Republican turncoat buddies

have in the name of conciliation waved the white flag of dishonorable surrender and look like a bunch of

Blue Dog Democrats gone bad and have assumed the bowing position to our Dictator-in-Chief and his 

lackies: Obama/Reid/Pelosi.  Well how has that worked for you? You gave him the kitchen sink and President

Obama realizing how spineless you are, wants it all, fools.

     The American People have been shamed by their own elected officials this whole cycle up to, today and I

hope they don’t soon forget who has caused this. Republicans all too willing to sell out and Democrats not

smart enough to know when to become statesman and humbly accept their win.  The deadlock is still on but

could change any minute … then God help us all, because he is the only one really in charge in the end, which

may be closer than we all thought.  What a spoiled, undisciplined, bunch of foolish, greedy, ignorant sinners we 

all are!  I for one, bow my head and pray for forgiveness for all of my sins and all the sins of this country

against our God. I humbly ask that he counsel our leaders with his wisdom and continued patience; so that this

country and the world might again right itself to follow the wise and only true counsel of God, through Jesus Christ,

I do Pray.

     I believe that if all of us truly, through our God, turn to a loving concern for our fellow men and women on this planet,

that America can and will again be the shining beacon, that all people seek out for themselves, in their own parts

of the world.  We seem to be the last great hope not only for our country, but for our planet.

     Well, thats it, keep your head high, eyes open and speak to the truths that we all need to adhere too.  It is that

message that will save us from ourselves.

and will become the shining light on the hill that she used to be to this world.


might truly right the wrong path they have struck out on.

forget it; this American Citizen won’t.

complete abandonment.

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