The Intolerant Christ

I don’t know if anyone reads by blog, but in case what say you to this article, the only thing I would disagree with is that my Sunday School does not try to present Jesus as a wimp. Nor Blind. He is the Savior which does not include the weak of heart in any situation he confronted. Jesus remains consistent to this very day. Amen

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From Words of Life weekly Devotional, by Dr. Robert Jeffress, 03/04/2016

Dr. Robert JeffressDr. Robert Jeffress

When you hear the name Jesus, what is the first word that comes to your mind? Gentle, loving, patient, and compassionate are usually the top choices. One descriptor that is usually not at the top of anyone’s list is intolerant. To employ such a word to describe the Lamb of God borders on blasphemy, most people would think.

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