Seeking the source for Good in Man, a journey well worth the effort.

Every once in a while I see someone really capable of seeing that which is worthwhile in life. Not as often as I used to when I worked with this kind of people. When did we stop paying attention to that which is good and instead pay homage to the bad things mankind does. About three or four years ago I decided to look for people that concentrate on doing good. They aren’t perfect people as a matter of fact they have all the problems all the rest of us do, but they choose to help those that can’t see that yet. If you want to change your life to the light; then walk away from the dark and help people one person at a time, work with teams that have the same objectives of being a part of the solution rather than part of the problem. These special teams can be found everywhere, we must change our own mind sets so that we can become a part of these wonderful teams. God did send each of us here to do something. I hope we are all able to find that ability and share it with mankind. Amen Brothers and Sisters.

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