Lets Talk Politics: I am a real Conservative. Who Else?

I was born May 1950 and at the time I started this page that made me 61 years of age.
I am a retired Senior Chief Petty Officer who served 22 years in the US Coast Guard from, March 1970 to December 1993, with a small amount of broken service for school.
In the rest of my life I have done a lot of sales work and during 25 years of this life I have actively been involved in a Beef Cattle Operation, here in Parker County as a hand, manager and now owner.
I am a Christian and a Methodist.
I graduated from Weatherford High School in 1968 and attended Texas Tech University for one year, then much later, I received an Associates Degree in Business Administration, from the American Intercontinental University of Illinois (December 2008).
I married my wife Debbra (Rusty) Pickard in June 1971 and later we had a son Travis, in April 1975.
In the early years I was a moderate Republican and evolved into a staunch conservative Republican over the years, but seem to be evolving further towards a Tea Party kind of attitude.
I have been successful with most of lifes challenges, with a few hickups along the way, but learned much from the hickups and am continously looking forward to all challenges in the future.

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