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  1. I believe you and they are absolutely correct on this. And he’s building his “civilian army” too. Kinda fits, huh?

    Have a great visit with MaryLou.

    Hi to Rusty!




  2. Well stated, but not too much different to those of us who served during the Carter administration.

    I finally thought of a single benefit emanating from a socialist economy. Having a bachelor of science degree in economics, and being an avid reader of history; I’ve yet to find any evidence of a vibrant socialist economy. However, I finally thought of one important benefit.

    That vividly clear benefit is that socialist economies can not afford militaries (or anything else), therefore can not “go to war”.

    But, like Lt. Columbo, there’s something that’s still bugging me. There are still those tyrannical economies that are even more destitute than socialist economies, but refer to themselves as “socialist”, “workers’ paradise”, “progressive”, democratic”, “bolshevist”, what ever.

    The titles are really synonyms, but the real difference is that they cannot afford not to go to war. Too many un-fed people to get rid of.

    Another thing I’ve been unable to find having existed in history is an unarmed, peaceful, tribe, village, city-state, or nation; that ever documented its own history, or of anybody that bothered to document it for them, before they were annihilated and forever lost to history.

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